Support the Language Camps

In order to ensure language camps are accessible to the greatest number of students, participants are only asked to contribute a small portion of the cost – between $20 and $60 per camp. . Many aspects of the 1-3 week-long camps, like housing and access to classrooms, are often provided free-of-cost by the Mapuche communities that host the camps

alejandro_lucasThe biggest and most important costs are the salaries of the teachers and organizers who work year-round on language revitalization projects.  By dedicating their summer vacations to work at the camps, they forgo other employment opportunities that may be necessary to cover their personal expenses like tuition and rent.

Please consider showing your support for this growing movement to maintain the Mapuche language by making a donation to the people who are dedicating their lives to the revitalization of their language within Mapuche territory.